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Ian McKay Nunn has been a student of art and culture for over forty years. As an infant, his Scottish parents immigrated to in the Antipodes in search of a better life.

Disembarking onto the land of opportunity, and into migrant housing in urban industrial suburbs, he was immersed in that rich mixture of European hopefulness, surrounded by Germans, Slavs and the inescapable Brits all vying for jobs in building and manufacturing.

It was only being posted to that agricultural community that he met an indigenous person. He saw that apprehension on their faces. What is this one going to demand? And what did he and others demand of the people and their land.

Alerted to the environmental impacts of commercial rural industry on the land, Nunn looked at our habitat. What it was expected to provide for its investors, and what it left for the community. Society demanded timber from the forests and meat from the pastures. The diversity of the native habitat was not seen nor considered , in fact it is our most valuable resource.