Water it Matters

ICE why it matters

Life in all its diversity thrives on this world because water exists in three forms; ice, water and water vapour. Ice regulates the planet’s temperature.

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Water Vapour matters

Water vapour in the air produces rain, fog, snow. In concentration it determines climatic conditions.

Water vapour gets converted to rain and snow that serve as a natural source of water for plants and animals.  Excess water vapour in the air decreases the rate of evaporation.

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Water why it matters

Apparently life sprang from water, but where did the water conform?

Our water is the lubricant that allows tectonic plates to crash and pass over one another.  Rock material is pushed down to re-enter the mantel and potentially join new lava flows.

Water is the reason life keeps flourishing. It has been here for billions of years and it is what defines our earth.

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